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Combination Units

Combination Units are the one which has more than one utility or element of furniture. For example, our Cali Pebble D comes with floor-standing furniture, a basin with a classic commode. ... The flush mechanism if placed on the right and the design given is considered to be state of the art, not by us but by our customers. With us, the price point is as low as 190 pounds but the quality is never compromised. Check out these combination units that would be perfect for your bathroom setup.

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  1. Price:
  1. MDF 3
  2. MDF (Polymarble) 1
  3. Wood MDF 2
  1. ( Vanity Unit + Basin) - 860mm 1
  2. (Vanity Unit + Basin) - 847mm 1
  3. 815mm 1
  4. 848mm 2
  5. 860mm 1
  6. 870mm 1
  7.  860mm 2

Showing 1-40 of 84 results

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