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Storage Units

Storage Units

Storage Units are vertical compartments comprised into one. They are usually of two or maximum three compartments. Storage compartments are far too useful of a utility. They can store towels, utilities, bathroom fresheners, paper rolls and what not. ... Here we have storage closets made up of two materials, MDF and Polymarble. Each of them is as durable as the other. The height of the unit starts from 500mm, and it goes up to almost 2000mm. Price with us starts from 80 pounds. Storage closet not only serves as a place to store essential bathroom items but with the right shape and colour, it also makes the bathroom look aesthetically pleasing.

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  1. MDF 5
  2. Polymarble 1
  3. Wood MDF 6
  1. 1418mm 1
  2. 1435mm 1
  3. 1902mm 1
  4. 500mm 1
  5. Furniture - 780mm 2

40 Items results

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