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Floor Standing Cabinet

Floor Standing Furniture

Of course, you need a floor standing furniture. I suppose your ceiling height is low and you already have a mirror suspended horizontally from the wall, it isn’t ideal to have another piece of furniture hanging below it. It is not recommended, and it is not aesthetically pleasing. ... Also, the piping system becomes less complicated when it comes to floor standing furniture. The entire plumbing system could be beautifully hidden beneath the two doors and also could be compartmentalised to store cleaners and to clean chemical products. We at simple bathrooms also know the price factor of such an elegant bathroom utility, its cost starts from 66 pounds and you know that’s a steal. So go ahead and browse from these elite, unique piece of furniture equipment.

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  1. Brass 3
  2. MDF 2
  3. MDF (Polymarble) 1
  4. Wood MDF 29
  1. 830mm 1
  2. 835mm 1
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Showing 1-40 of 81 results

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